About us


BPO Master is a BPO and Technology services company started in 2009 with a strong focus on ‘Data Processing Solutions’. Our customers wanted us to provide (M)SDS service, which led to the launch of dedicated teams for each customer to deliver Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Conversion, IT Services and (M)SDS services. With our distinguished client focused approach, we want to be a company that cares for its customers, employees, stakeholders and believe in making a difference to all who comprise our ecosystem.

BPO Master Leadership Team is committed to satisfy the qualitative requirements of our global customers at the best possible prices. Our workforce comprises a variety of skilled individuals with extensive domain knowledge and subject matter experts. We are religiously following proven processes and tools to make sure the highest quality deliverables as a result our customers reap the benefits of our 99% success rate in project handling.

What We Do

We offer a wide range of services all related to data management. Our services include but are not restricted to:

  • Online and Offline Data Entry Service
  • Data Processing service
  • Data Appending service
  • Web search
  • Data Mining service
  • Data Extraction service
  • Data Conversion service
  • MSDS/SDS Management Services
  • Document imaging and document indexing services
  • Online Catalog Management
  • Medical, Legal & Business Transcription Services
  • County Services
  • Property Mortgage/New-homers & New-movers/Foreclosure & Pre-foreclosure and other Real-estate services.
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Calling Services
  • IT Solutions and Services
  • ITES-BPO Services comprises of KPO/LPO and more ..

We offer incredible flexibility in our service and delivery, ensuring our services meet the exact needs of our customers.

Our Vision






We live and breathe the philosophy that customers matter and results count.

Our Mission

BPOMaster_Mission800 Our goal is to have completely satisfied customers.

We will provide superior Services and Solutions experience for our customers by being consistently Professional & provide Quality deliverables in all areas.

We strive to attain this consistent Professionalism and Quality using team effort and a positive attitude.

Its our stated policy to provide Quality services on time at very affordable price every day, every time, without fail, no exceptions.

Data Security & Privacy

BPO Master Services is one of the most secured organizations for customers data, delivering solutions across the globe with primary customer base in the USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East, UK and other countries. We have a proven track record of successfully & securely delivering BPO & IT Services to our customers.


IT Security, Data Security & Privacy

All the PC’s, and other end use computing devices at BPO Master Services are protected by a strong network firewall and production facilities of BPO Master Services are diligently  monitored and frequent checks are being carried out to prevent any compliance issues.

Data Security Policy

  • Strict non-disclosure and non-compete agreements bind all employees.
  • Prohibit the unauthorized access to production systems premises.
  • The entry of employees is restricted to their working area along with time restrictions.
  • No unauthorized access is allowed in the systems area.
  • Blocked Phones/Cameras inside the production premises.
  • Every employee will have his/her own identity created and use own credentials to login to workstations.
  • All the PC’s at BPO Master Services are encrypted
  • All the PC’s are running latest Windows OS and updates will be deployed frequently
  • All Security settings and compliance polices for all workstations being addressed through Windows Server group policy management
  • Latest Antivirus and Anti-malware updates are being pushed to all workstations by centrally managed server
  • USB, CD/DVD access is blocked in all PC’s.
  • Personal email access and social media sites are blocked.

The prominent features of BPO Master Services Confidentiality Policy include:

  • All data and information provided by client will be confidential and strictly the property of the client.
  • BPO Master agrees that neither the company nor its employees will disclose any information about the Customer and project details to any third party.
  • All raw data, directories, printouts, processed data and finalized product will solely be the property of the client.
  • Once the data is accepted & approved by the customer, BPO Master Services will destroy all raw and processed data.
  • Only the Project team members will have required access to customer information.