Data Processing Services

BPO Master offer comprehensive Data processing related services to provide fresh, up-to-date and accurate data for our customers. We have expertise in the following areas

Data Entry Services   Data Compiling Services Data Conversion Services
·        Online /Offline Data Entry ·        Mortgage ·        Document Conversion Services
·        Invoice Data Entry ·        New Home Owner ·        XML Data Conversion Services
·        Form Processing ·        New Movers Data ·        Language Conversions
·        PDF /Excel/XML/MS Access Data Entry ·        Liens Search ·        Image Conversions
·        Pre-Foreclosure Services ·        File Conversions to any format (e.g., PDF to Word)
Data Cleansing Services ·        Foreclosure Services
·        Data de-duplication services ·        Real Estate
·        Data scrubbing ·        Property permit
·        Data Alignment ·        Marriage related
·        Data Standardization and more… ·        Birth / Death
·        All Medical related
·        Refinance
·        Many More services




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