MSDS – SDS Services

BPO Master provides one of the best solutions in the area of MSDS Scanning & Indexing Services and Acquisition/Obtainment/Web Retrieval services

MSDS Scan & Indexing

We scan MSDS documents and index them based on your specific needs. We provide the accurate MSDS info for your MSDS document requirements by using proven & repetitive best practices in the industry. We search appropriate MSDS info for products using search engines like GOOGLE, BING and Yahoo by locating the exact manufacturer and obtain the latest MSDS \SDS sheets.

We will index all given information from MSDS sheet through all the 16 section based on your requirement.

MSDS Obtainment/ Web Retrieval/ Acquisition:

Below MSDS Retrieval process followed:

    • Web Search
    • E-mail Request
    • Through Phone call to request MSDS

Below are the inputs needed to obtain latest MSDS:

    • Manufacturer name
    • Product name
    • Product code
    • Letter of Authorization on your behalf

Project Description